God is desperately in love with us! Gwen’s recording of God’s love song for her challenges readers to question whether humanity has ever been separate from the Divine.

Many people have an intellectual “knowing” of God through reading sacred texts, but Gwen has shared her experiential “knowing” of God through prayer.

Intimacy with God can be felt within the context of deep pain. Gwen has tapped into the cosmic truth that God weeps with us when we are feeling alone, alienated and without meaning.

Because humans are much more than just intellect, the presence of the Divine can be felt in other ways that go beyond printed words. Reading Glimpses of God’s Heart, leaves the reader with a felt sense of God’s deep participation in our humanity.
— Dr. Cheryl A. Noble, Psychologist

Truly, this grand devotional book is a matter of the heart. Gwen has opened to us all her most private times in that Secret Place with the Lord. As I read the writings in this book, tears filled my eyes at times, as I saw the love that our Lord has for us and how this God, the Creator of the universe, is open to communicate with us in such an intimate way.

These devotional readings will inspire you to develop an intimacy with the Lord. They will encourage you to journal your times with the Lord, found in that Secret Place.

My hope is that, after you have read this book daily, you will say of the Lord, “I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear, but now my eyes see You.” (Job 42:5)
— Dr. Hazel Hill, co-founder of Victory Churches International and best-selling author of Praying God's Word.