God is desperately in love with us! Gwen’s recording of God’s love song for her challenges readers to question whether humanity has ever been separate from the Divine.

Many people have an intellectual ‘knowing’ of God through reading sacred texts, but Gwen has shared her experiential ‘knowing’ of God through prayer.

Intimacy with God can be felt within the context of deep pain. Gwen has tapped into the cosmic truth that God weeps with us when we are feeling alone, alienated and without meaning.

Because humans are much more than just intellect, the presence of the Divine can be felt in other ways that go beyond printed words. Reading Glimpses of God’s Heart, leaves the reader with a felt sense of God’s deep participation in our humanity.
— Dr. Cheryl A. Noble, Psychologist

Truly, this grand devotional book is a matter of the heart. Gwen has opened to us all her most private times in that Secret Place with the Lord. As I read the writings in this book, tears filled my eyes at times, as I saw the love that our Lord has for us and how this God, the Creator of the universe, is open to communicate with us in such an intimate way.

These devotional readings will inspire you to develop an intimacy with the Lord. They will encourage you to journal your times with the Lord, found in that Secret Place.

My hope is that, after you have read this book daily, you will say of the Lord, “I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear, but now my eyes see You.” (Job 42:5)
— Dr. Hazel Hill, Co-founder of Victory Churches International and Best-selling Author of Praying God's Word.
An excellent book to help each of us on the journey of life.

Our relationship with God is very personal and that is exactly what Gwen Wellington shares with the reader.

In her new book Glimpses of God’s Heart, Gwen shares what she has captured from her own personal experiences. In today’s instant world we all need to pause and be reminded of God’s love for us.
Life is not always about rainbows and unicorns there are good times and bad times. What I have observed in my own life is that it is in the toughest times we learn and benefit the most and it is in these times we need to find strength in our faith and the relationship we have with God.

In this book, Gwen shares her own experience to help you on your journey.
— Daniel Hanzelka, Canada, December 14, 2017
Validating Spirituality.

In a few pages, Gwen has summarized a whole life of prayer connecting her to our maker. This is indeed the fruit of a lifelong relationship with a higher being, and as she points out, it goes beyond the intellect and reaches our heart. The book reflects an amazing dedication to sustaining a deep felt emotion through good times and bad times with a superior being. In a sense, Gwen illustrates the importance and value of spirituality for human beings. She confirms the perspective espoused by Teilhard de Chardin: ‘We are spiritual beings having a human experience.’

It’s a prayer book for those who believe in the power of God in our lives.
— Ray Perras, Peak Performance Coach, Bestselling author of AïM for Life Mastery, Canada, December 14, 2017
Uniquely inspiring and heartwarming! Highly recommended!

This book could not have a more perfect title...Glimpses of God’s Heart is exactly what Gwen Wellington shares with the reader, captured from her own personal experiences. In our busy lives, we all need a reminder of God’s love for us. Through good times and bad, from the happiest to darkest days of our lives, we need to find strength in the Divine. This book is an excellent example of how to incorporate this into our lives in a way that is refreshing and positively unique. A must for your collection!
— Maizie Martin, United States, December 14, 2018
Perfect to accompany your daily practice.

I love this book, the perfect company for your daily reflection and esteem building (and) deepening your spiritual connection.
— Jennifer D. Garrett, United Kingdom, December 14, 2017
At some points I felt like I was intruding into your life’s diary...

Wow. What an interesting read. At some points I felt like I was intruding into your life’s diary as it was so personal. At other times I thought of this book as a coaching tool with great embedded commands for people going through various challenges. A great accomplishment.
— Lynda Dyer, Australia, December 14, 2017
Glimpses of God’s Heart eases our pain, loss and encourages us to love!

In her book, Glimpses of God’s Heart..., author and Pastor Gwen Wellington shares her own experiences learning to find comfort resting within the embrace of a God who loves and accepts us as we are! She shares finding connection with God and finding empowerment in God’s love and encouragement, especially when the floor seems to fall out from under us.

She includes examples of her own inspiring and encouraging connection-moments with God, giving us models for our own use. In addition, she includes scripture references, footnotes and a subject index making it easy to see for ourselves.
— Joey, United States, December 14, 2017
A wonderful real-life story of a woman’s journey however also about ...

A wonderful real-life story of a woman’s journey however also about our own journey in life. We all do have a choice how we respond to events and through her journaling and her connection to her god self or god she also teaches us many life lessons. Amazing read :)
— Susana Tuya Sarmiento, Australia, December 15, 2017
Wonderful book, found peace in the pages.

What a lovely inspirational book. I’ve been going through a particularly tough time recently and found solace in these pages.
— Liane Avery, United Kingdom, December 15, 2017
Intimate supportive journey you take with Love/God.

A book a person of Christian faith will particularly find appealing as it has many references at the end of each chapter relevant to the sharings. I loved the insights and heart felt support offered in “God’s Heart” via deeply supportive and reflective offerings. It gives great hope for possibility and change. I love the way it is written i.e. very short chapters yet powerful and intimate. I felt I was in a personal mystical discourse with love/god or whatever your preferred reference is.

Beautifully written.
— Bernadette Dimitrov, Australia, 16 December 2017
Expresses God’s love.

It has already been a blessing and it shows us how much our Heavenly Father cherishes us.
— Amazon Customer, Canada, January 7, 2018
A great daily read.

Gwen Wellington’s message is a year-long daily interaction filled with consistent and concise expressions of love, acceptance, and engagement with a loving God. Would serve as a fine material for private prayer times.
— Ray Liem, Canada, January 11, 2018
Realising God’s Love.

I have often felt so undeserving of God’s unconditional love. The daily readings help me to realise the more fully, the depth of Gods unfathomable love for me. The book is worth every penny. I will share it with others and know that this love will shine through me.

It’s a wonderful devotional book. I gave this one as a birthday gift to my sister.
— Elsie M. Archer, Canada, January 11, 2018
This is a beautifully written devotional book.

This is a beautifully written devotional book. You can feel and sense God’s love and encouragement. The Subject Index at the back of the book is a great resource tool. This is a perfect devotional book to help us in our daily struggles and bring us closer to the heart of God.
— Marjorie Price, Canada, March 3, 2018
Opening My Heart to God.

Each day that I open Gwen’s book, I open my heart to God. This book is truly a treasure and an invitation.
— David B. Savage, Canada, March 16, 2018
When you read the book Glimpses of God’s Heart, ...

When you read the book Glimpses of God’s Heart, you will see the transparency of author Gwen Wellington’s experience with God. You’ll be challenged to consider your own relationship with Him and invited to respond to his presence!
— Dr. Grant McDowell, Canada, April 10, 2018
Hugs from God.

We have all been through hard times, times where life has seemed so hard and things happen that we don’t understand. This book is for those times, it shows God’s heart. I call it ‘Hugs from God.’ The gentle writing style makes you feel that God is speaking directly to you and it is always relevant! The scriptures attached to each day gives an opportunity to look deeper into what God’s heart is for you.
— Myfy Price-Fisher, Canada, April 16, 2018
A Gift that Inspires.

Gwen Wellington beautifully captures God’s message of love, and puts it into everyday language and context. To be called God’s ‘treasure,’ ‘love,’ and ‘friend’ is a gift that inspires a positive caring response. It leaves one feeling affirmed and happy, assured of God’s unconditional love.

Thank you, Gwen, for sharing so simply and intimately these glimpses of what God desires for each of us. This book has the promise to foster positive change one reader at a time. I will return to it again and again.
— Cathy Rempel, Canada, May 21, 2018
The fiercely loving embrace of God.

’An invitation to intimacy,’ a ‘love-filled dance,’ ‘casting cares onto the ocean of God’s love,’ are some of the phrases that come to mind when reading these poetic daily meditations. Gwen’s writings capture the on-going life-dance of the spiritual person: that of straying into the desert of angst, separation, fear, and hopelessness, and then being drawn close again into the fiercely loving embrace of God. On every page she/we are challenged to enter into that embrace and to trust one’s life and future into Her/His care.

In reading these pages I wonder, ‘Do we ever let go of the idea that we can do life alone, that somehow we will have the fool-proof plan and the right resources to come out relatively unscathed and able to hold up our heads without too much shame?’ We don’t. We are all self-deluded. And yet in the book there is never a hint of impatience in the words from Her/Him. It’s never ‘come to me you silly, dull baby,’ but ‘come to me, my treasure my love, and relax knowing that I have everything in hand.’ Following that is the challenge to go out and live in the confidence of that LOVE.

In that light, the writing for May 2nd is particularly unique and beautiful. You get a ‘glimpse’ of God’s playful and fun-loving character in the words:

Embrace this time of change and change itself.
Know that I surround you and I go before you.
I fill you and energize you.
It’s you and me together,
Sashaying boldly into the future.
You’ll see!
What joy!
Pure, and unadulterated joy!
You and me together.
Yes. I like it!!

So many devotional books are filled with tedious ‘shoulds’ and ‘have-tos.’ This delightful book steers a clear path away from shame-inducing admonitions and draws you into an enduring and beautiful place. I believe that this book will endure and someday will be a Christian classic.
— Ken Wellington, Canada, July 3, 2018
Profoundly tender-hearted devotional book.

The title invites us to enter a relationship with God that is profoundly parental: Glimpses of God’s Heart: Divinely Inspired Daily Devotions. Author Gwen Wellington invites us, in tender-hearted devotionals, to open ourselves to God’s infinite parental compassion. When we thus open ourselves, we find the freedom to express the gifts with which we’ve been blessed, serve others accordingly, and experience delight in such kingdom of God living.

I’ve been profoundly blessed by these devotionals, strengthened daily as I deal with a serious illness, and reminded regularly that God’s love isn’t earned. Rather, it’s lavishly given. When we accept such love, we experience the inspiration we need to live as followers of Christ and members of God’s ever-growing community of faith, hope, and, the greatest of these, love.
— G. Timothy (Tim) Wiebe, Author and Broadcaster of Golden West Radio’s Timsights, Canada, July 18, 2018
The perfect daily devotional!

This devotional is a wonderful daily reminder of God’s unconditional love for us. It reflects God’s heart and confirms his acceptance of our human side and his patience with us. It is uplifting and gives insight, in a very understandable way, of God’s written word. It provides a great way to start each day with a grateful heart.
— Dixie Kline, United States, August 11, 2018
A Great Daily Devotional that gets to the heart of God’s love for his children (us).

Each day the devotional really spoke to my heart about His love for me. It will definitely be read from year to year. Thank you, Gwen, for pouring into this book.
— Donalee Gibson, United States, August 16, 2018
Reflections on Key Attribute of God
This is a great daily reminder of one of the key attributes of God. Gwen’s sharing of her experiences and insights into the phrase “God is Love” provide for an excellent way to begin or end one’s day.
— Ralph Sweatte, United States, August 25, 2018
Come and Sit at God’s Feet and Hear His Heart for You
What better way to start your day than with a Word from the Lord? In this book, the Lord becomes divinely intimate with you. He pours out his Love for you day after day. This book is filled with 366 days of divinely inspired love and intimacy where you can truly see how the Lord feels about you and what the Lord has to say about you. This book shows how you are truly the apple of God’s eye. It reminds you daily that you are on His mind and what concerns you concerns Him. It draws you into the presence of God. It wipes out the lies of the enemy and saturates your soul with the truth of Your Daddy, God. It takes you higher into the Presence of God. It leads you to the Foot of the Cross where you can lay down ALL your problems and leave them there once and for all. It permeates and saturates your mind, body and soul with the Love of the Father.
This book keeps you looking forward to the next day to see what the Father would say to you on that day. It also gives you scriptures to back up and meditate on what the Father is saying to you. The scripture takes you on a deeper journey into the knowledge study God’s Words.
If you desire a deeper relationship with the Father or deeper communion with the Father, then this book is definitely for you.
If you have a broken heart or spirit and you are at the point of giving up, then this book is especially for you.
If you need healing or a Word from the Lord, then this book is for you.
If you would like to hear from the Lord daily, then this book is for you.
If you desire life and not death, then this book is for you.
If you need to be reminded of how much God loves you, then this book is for you.
The Lord really used Gwen to bring his heart to you in this book. I enjoy this book and I read it daily. It brings me closer in intimacy with my Daddy. Come and get a glimpse for yourself into God’s Heart.
— Sheila R. Spencer, United States, August 28, 2018
Learn How God Loves You
Gwen Wellington has given us a wonderful gift: her new book of daily devotionals called Glimpses of God’s Heart. This is an aptly named book because each day’s devotional really is like a glimpse of the emotional center of a warm and loving God. In a nutshell, these love-infused devotionals focus on some aspect of the love that God, Creator of the Universe, has for me, a mere human who sins and falls short of righteousness frequently.
From the first day I felt my pulse quicken, my worries fade, and loneliness vanish as I read the beautiful words God had given Gwen for that day. The devotionals are short, taking only a couple of minutes to read, but they are long in impact, often recurring in my mind and heart many times throughout the day. As I read, I feel as though God is holding me and whispering these words into my heart as a mother might hold her 3-year-old who is crying from a skinned knee, whispering, “Everything will be fine. You’ll see.”
Gwen shows us glimpses of Someone who is not a God of history, not a God of rules and regulations, not an ego-driven megalomaniac who lives to control, not even a Creator. Gwen shows us a God who lives to love me (and you), who freely forgives, who loves us not because of who we are but because of who He is, who would rather cuddle with me and whisper how much He loves me than to do anything else. Gwen shows us God not through our minds, not even through our souls, but through our hearts.
These gentle, loving messages are well-referenced to connect with the scriptures and provide even greater depth to those who choose to use this book as a springboard for deeper study. Topics such as love, faith, forgiveness, blessing, and patience are addressed in the gentlest and most affirming ways imaginable. This book is poetry in action. Glimpses of God’s Heart is a beautiful book, a product of Gwen’s unique and wonderful connection with the God of Love.
If you are on my Christmas list, do not buy this book! You’ll be getting one this December from me. I can’t think of a better way to tell special people in my life that I love them. My gift to each of you is the suggestion that you make 2019 the year in which you seek to know God’s Heart through the glimpses Gwen so beautifully provides here.
Start your day with this quick devotional thought to remind yourself how close God is and how much He loves you. End your day with this quick devotional so that you go peacefully and fully connected into sleep. Here’s an idea: Start and end your day with these beautiful devotionals to keep God’s presence strong and vibrant in your life all day every day.
— Paul McCright, United States, September 1, 2018