Story Magic

In my last blog, I told you that I was getting ready to attend the BookExpo America in New York City at the end of May. Today is show and tell time!

The venue was the Jacob Javitz Convention Center in the heart of Manhattan. BEA occupied the entire centre, comprising four city blocks and four levels. Yes, it was a HUGE event with thousands of attendees. One of my challenges ahead of time, was to review the list of almost 3500 exhibitors to find those with whom I wanted to connect.

Another one of my challenges was to figure out the very first words to say to these book distributors so they would want to listen to me talk about Glimpses of God’s Heart. That was what I was fussing about on the flights we took to get there. In a moment of brilliance, my husband Ken who came along to support me, suggested I just tell stories.

So that’s what I did. I started out saying something like, “I’d like to tell you about my daily devotions book by telling you three short stories.” It was like magic: Without fail, their attention was riveted on me, and I could tell my stories. Who doesn’t like to hear a good story?

And what were the stories I told? Here they are:

Story #1: I have written in journals throughout my adult life. My journaling is also my meditation time because I am writing down my conversations with God. When I was a young woman of thirty, I decided to write down not only what I was thinking and feeling, but also to listen for what I sensed God was saying to me and to write that down as well. What I heard was deeply life-giving words of love and wisdom and inspiration and guidance. Occasionally I would share one or the other of these words with members of my family or my friends and they too found them tremendously beneficial. They began encouraging me to publish them, so I chose 366 of the many hundreds of glimpses of God’s heart I have heard over the years, and published them last December in a daily readings book.

Story #2: And now, to tell you what readers of my book are experiencing, I want to tell you about something that happened just last Sunday. An acquaintance who has been reading Glimpses of God’s Heart approached me and said, “Gwen, I just have to tell you what happened this morning.” And she told me how distressed and worried she was because of the difficulties one of her adult children was experiencing. Then she said, “And then I read the reading in your book for today, May 27:”

Dear friend:

I see the concern you are experiencing

regarding this one you love.

It is the concern one experiences

when it seems that there are signs that all is not well.

The life experience of another is one of those things

that are “too wonderful” for you –

beyond your ability to understand and manage.

So do not trouble yourself with it.

Keep your eyes fixed on me.

Put your hope and confidence in my love

and in my ability to complete the work I have begun

in this one you love.

With tears in her eyes, she said that the reading had transformed her experience from distress and despair to peace and hope for a positive future.

Since publishing Glimpses of God’s Heart, not a week has gone by without my hearing at least one such story of a life being blessed by a reading in the book.

Story #3 is about the book signing I had in Lotus Books, one of the bookstores in Cranbrook that is selling Glimpses of God’s Heart. I think I’ll save that story for another blog.

So, I told my stories and found some distributors to market my book. I also found some possibilities for getting the book translated and published in Spanish. Yay!

Going to BEA pushed me so far outside of my comfort zone that I wasn’t sure I still had a comfort zone! I learned that I will go to great lengths to make sure that people are presented with the opportunity to experience the life-changing daily devotionals in Glimpses of God’s Heart.

I’d love to hear what you have to say about my book, the website, or any of these blogs.

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