I’m excited!

I’m excited!

I’m excited, because with the launch of Glimpses of God’s Heart, my Facebook author page, this website, and this blog I sense that I am stepping into that “something just as valuable” as my psychotherapy practice that I wrote about in the introduction to the book.

Truth be told, I have never aspired to be an author or to publish a book. This probably is rather odd, because I always have done a lot of writing: journaling, university course papers, sermons, a thesis – I even wrote a drama once that actually was performed!

It was my desire to get the life-giving readings in Glimpses of God’s Heart out there for the benefit of many that edged me out of my comfy cloister and into the nerve-wracking world of publishing. Like yesterday, when I had to make the decision to postpone the launch date for a week in order to make a last-minute change to enhance the quality of the book. It was difficult for me to let go of the launch date that I had been anticipating for three months!

I am hoping that this blog will become a conversation between you, the readers of Glimpses of God’s Heart, and me. I’m more than a little curious and excited about what develops here. My hope is that we will create something that is mutually beneficial and fun.

- Gwen